Sunday, May 1, 2011

Map Mashup

View St. Edward's University Football in a larger map

My map is of the St. Edward’s University campus as seen from a bird’s eye view. I created the map using Google Maps and I learned how using a video provided by Google itself. The first things you will notice when looking at the map are the place marks on several places on campus. Each place mark represents a certain piece of information that contributes to my story. Also shown in my map is a purple group of lines that show something a path that helps convey something else that contributes to the fluidity and solidity of my story. Also when one clicks on each item on my map it links to a popup that shows either a picture of the building it is located on, or a video that pertains to the content of the map itself as a whole. Each place mark is where it is for exactly that – they are marking a place on the St. Edward’s campus so the person looking at the map can know what exactly they are looking for. There is an overhead view when not clicked on the place marks and also if the person is still confused about where they are looking, they can click on the building’s place mark and see what the building looks like when the person is in front of it. Also there is a picture of the soccer field, the baseball field and a spot for a potential football field, which is of course what the whole map is about, including the video on the place mark on top of the parking garage, where people can park to go see a football game if St. Edward’s ever gets a football team. Overall I feel my map conveys the sense that a football field would be realistic in terms of the space available. 

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